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GLAM'S 2024 Black History Concert

The weekend of February 24-25th, 2024 League members had the opportunity to attend GLAM'S concerts honoring black history month 2024. 

Dr. Hassena Khan-Leonard. had the opportunity to attend the celebration. This is what she had to say:


The first event was the Georgia Laster Association 2024 Annual Black History Concert on February 24, 2024, presented by GLAM. Our League Sister Yolanda West is a member and Branch President of this illustrious organization. The concert showcased 7 very talented musicians, composers, and educators of music and highlighted their performances. The highlight for me was our very own Kris Brown, a League of Allied scholarship recipient. Kris is flourishing in the music/film industry where he has composed scores for various movies i.e. Green Book, Bridgerton, the 2023 version of The Color Purple and most recently Bob Marley’s One Love. We are so very proud of all the accomplishments Kris has achieved thus far and we wish him a very successful career in all his endeavors. 

. "The negro spirituals" which featured the Leagues very own Yolanda Mitchell West, who performed as a soloist and with the Holman Choir was spectacular.


Both concerts were very well done and entertaining. Mrs. West’s voice was beautiful and resounded throughout the sanctuary. I am so glad I had the opportunity to attend both concerts and listen to various genres of music from these masters in the Los Angeles area. It was also rewarding to see the League of Allied Arts at work serving our community.


Thank you Yolanda and continue your success in both organizations.


Pictured are Dr. Hassena Khan-Leonard (R) and Yolanda Mitchell West (L) at the 2024 black history concert. 

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